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Default Star Tattoo?

I've seen a few of the top TS girls with a star tattoo on the shoulder. I've even seen them with the same shape star as ear-rings. Does this actually mean anything or just coincidence?? In the meantime I'll see if I can find some pics. Just curious is all.
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Default Re: Star Tattoo?

there was a previous thread for this. its only the brazilians. it means they r part of the "tranny mafia".. a sort of union for brazilian tansexuals in which they pay dues
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Default Re: Star Tattoo?

As for the star tattoo.. I copy and pasted this from: http://www.hungdevils.com/index.php?...st=15&start=15

It means they have membership in "Ordem de Fêmea com Sociedade do Pénis " which is the oldest "tranny mafia" in Brazil and can trace it's roots to the slave trade coming into Brazil when it was a Portuguese Colony. It was originally a way that effeminate men could be sold out of the slave trade for plantations, into the sex trade or sold as "females" to horny slave owners. The 5 pointed star was used as a marker to denote that they were for "female use" (the 5 points being the head, the arms and the legs) - a 6 pointed star was used if they were to be sold as men (the 6th point being the penis).
Shortly after slavery ended, those with the "badges" got together and opened Brothels which specialised in transsexuals. They used the Star on the door or windows of the brothels to signify that it was a "tranny" house. The star became known as "Espalhe a estrela aberta do sexo".

In more recent times, it's become the marker of the tranny mafia group who kept the original name. Part gang, part prostitute union they pretty much control a lot of the travesti sex industry in Brazil and once your in, you have "protection" - for a fee of course, the tattoo is the prove that you are in the "Union". Wearing it without being accepted in the Union would have a punishment ranging from death, to full castration or acid thrown in the face (the last two disabling a TS from being a TS prositute).
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